Although only working part-time at the moment, Ross and Ruth McElwee currently serve in several capacities. In addition to working as Admin for this site as well as our Facebook presence, they also are working diligently to prepare Winkie's upcoming books for publication. It is our hope to see them come on full-time, as God provides.


Ross and Ruth McElwee served in YWAM from 1987-1994 in Tyler, Texas and helped with the original pioneering of YWAM Barbados. They also spearheaded the DVD-ROM reference work that is now known as BRC’s Classical Theological Library, Ross’ brain-child that took nearly seven years to complete. This DVD accompanies every Revival Study Bible.

In 2007, the McElwee’s accepted the call where Ross served as the pastor of the only church in the remote Inupiaq Eskimo village of White Mountain, Alaska. They, along with their four children, served in this Northwestern “bush” village of 200 people until 2014.

Ruth is the debut author of her own powerful testimony, Broken Hearts Healed (published 2015). This riveting story shows God’s redemption and how He used YWAM Tyler to redeem, restore and bring Ross into her life. Winkie wrote the Foreword for the book and heartily endorses it.

The McElwee's joined the staff of MoH in October of 2016. They currently work on a part-time basis from their home in Alaska. They are diligently working to prepare Winkie's upcoming books for release as well as have taken over a lot of the social media and website maintenance needs of the ministry.

From The Pratney’s,

Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to have Ross and Ruth McElwee joining us on the Ministry of Helps (MOH) team They are fundraising to “come alongside and help” us in Texas and in New Zealand. We welcome their help. They will be a new, major addition to MOH, and plan to assist our family in a vast number of practical ways, from administration and logistics, to library cataloging, writing and editing, house and property maintenance, etc. 

From Dee Patton (Secretary of MOH)

Enter Ross & Ruth McElwee! We could search the world over and not find a better team to help us bring the written works of Winkie Pratney back to life and to come alongside and help him finish the books he still has in his heart to write. They are perfectly positioned, perfectly gifted and have a huge and providential backlog of experience that makes them perfectly suited to this task. We could not be more blessed or more excited than to have them come and work with us as we continue to serve Winkie and the entire Pratney family. Our desire is the same as it has been these last 22 years; to preserve and present Winkie’s body of work in distributable forms, making these works easily accessible to those who make disciples as well as those who wish to be disciples of our Lord Jesus. Any help they are afforded in this calling will echo into eternity.
(L) Richard Bender (BRC), (M) Winkie & (R) Ross -- circa 1995

(L) Richard Bender (BRC), (M) Winkie & (R) Ross -- circa 1995

Visiting Winkie, October 2016

Visiting Winkie, October 2016