A media technology enthusiast, David Sutherland volunteers at the Winkie Pratney Revival Library helping convert Winkie's large archives of teaching. Focused initially on cassette tape teaching David has digitized (recording into the computer) over 1,000 cassette tape sides.  With the proper funding and continued focus he is working to properly log tape descriptions, tag media files and process these recordings for distribution to others assisting in editing and sharing Winkie's materials.  

David has attended a Youth With A Mission, Tyler, Crossroads DTS and has a background in Film and Television as an Editor and Assistant Editor in Southern California.  Previous to settling in East Texas David worked on media projects at the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, and anti-abortion education organization. He has experience in managing a telecommunications department at the William Carey International University in Pasadena, CA and participated in an internship at the U.S. Center for World Mission (now known as Frontier Ventures) on the same campus. David resides in Garden Valley, Texas near the Winkie Pratney Revival Library on the YWAM Tyler campus.

Donations to help the media conversion work are appreciated. The process requires initial cataloging using a serial number system and, at times, media repair materials. These issues require modest supplies.  Some specialized hardware is also required to capture with the high quality desired for archival work. Future plans also include converting other archaic media formats, such as half-inch open reel video tapes, of some of Winkie's older materials into digital format. And also prototyping a small digital library file server that can be used on campuses or private homes to deliver audio and video teaching to smart phones and media players in modern television systems.