"Preserving a Spiritual Legacy"
All of our staff are unpaid volunteers who are trusting God to take care of their needs. If you would like to make a donation to help a specific staff family, click on the "donate" button under their picture. If you would like more info on a particular staff family.... click on their picture for a full bio.

William Pratney

William currently serves and travels with his father, Winkie, as his personal assistant. Additionally, he works with two not-for-profit organizations set-up to assist his father Winkie and his ministry- Ministry of Helps, TX, USA (www.moh.org) and Communication Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand (PO Box 75215, Manurewa, NZ).

David Sutherland

A media technology enthusiast, David Sutherland volunteers at the Winkie Pratney Revival Library helping convert Winkie's large archives of teaching. Focused initially on cassette tape teaching David has digitized (recording into the computer) over 1,000 cassette tape sides.  He is working to properly log tape descriptions, tag media files and process these recordings for distribution to others assisting in editing and sharing Winkie's materials.