Pratney Family Update, Jan 2017
Winkie Pratney

Dear Friends and Family, 

After many adventures in 2016, we wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your prayers and support (especially in recent months). As many of you know, in October of last year Winkie suffered another stroke while on a ministry tour in Texas. Yet after trials that tested all of us, in God's mercy, provision and grace Winkie is now doing remarkably better and recovering at home in New Zealand. From Winkie relearning to use his right arm and hand, to the challenge of medical bills and loss of income from cancelled speaking engagements, it is amazing how God in His faithfulness has provided for us and brought others to help in our weakness and times of need.

From Winkie:

Fulfilled Prophecy: 16 to 72

I have had few personal prophesies in my fairly unreligious love life with God, though many of youhave always been faithful friends and a constant well of encouragements, fellowship and answered prayers. More than a decade ago, I was given an amazing detailed description of what would happen in my life and ministry if I paid attention to the Lord's direction in what He called for me the re-design of my seventh day.

For me 2016 has been both a summary of that assessment and discovery of dimensions He yet holds for us to pass on to others in His world. I am so overwhelmingly thankful both to the Lord and for your own lives. He has intervened at least three times to keep us safe and secure in His love despite the very real possibilities of my early exit from the joy of your companionship, calling and care. Words cannot express our gratitude for His ongoing grace and goodness. Many of those I served with have left this world already; we do miss them. Yet still, it seems, I have some things left to do in the Sabbath of His service. Thank you to everyone that expressed their love and care -it reminds us to honor, trust and love Him that called us

From Fae:

I realized the highlight of 2016 for me was worshiping God in the beauty of the South Island of NZ, the fun of stepping on a boat again, the starry skies at night, the pretty sunsets, and spending time in the beauty of the S. Island with my brothers. A few days were spent on a boat with my brother Paul, anchored in Nelson and doing day trips including the Kaikoura coast, (recently badly damaged by the earthquake) and enjoying seafood chowder. 

After the stress of Winkie being hospitalized in Houston and serious problems with our mobile home in Texas, I am now getting our NZ home and property back in order. I am also asking "How can we bless you Lord in 2017?" I have already found that God has a zillion ways we can be used of Him...we just have to be ready.

With Faith for the Future, Fae

From William:
Being stretched in new ways and encountering the stress I did last year, it was good to able to have some down time following Christmas, visiting hot springs, beaches, and catching up with friends. I face a number of challenges this year, and don't frankly feel ready to take them all on yet. I am, however very thankful for all the people that have helped my parents and myself over the last few months. Praise God for you! Here's raising a glass to wish you the best God has for you this new year.

It is amazing how God in His faithfulness has provided for us and brought others to help in our weakness and times of need.

We want to thank, specifically: 

Amy Burton - for organizing a fundraising campaign for us. Thank you Amy! 

Amy Lundsford, and Ross and Ruth McElwee* - for serving as proof-readers on Winkie's new book, Spiritual Vocations. Thanks to you guys, we are that much closer to getting it published! 

David Sutherland - who has been faithfully serving at Winkie's Revival Library in Texas, not only digitizing and cataloging hundreds of audio cassette tapes of Winkie and others, but also helping us maintain the building! Thank you David!  

Jim and Dee Patton - for their invaluable ongoing help - What would we do without you?

NZ pastor Colin Miller and his staff - for helping us in very practical ways.  
      Rohan and Diana Godinho - accounting and administration
      Mike Parks - lawn and garden maintenance

Rose Odhimbo - for helping us with house keeping

Tana Price - for helping us with our mobile home in Texas

* Ross and Ruth McElwee are fundraising to "come along side and help" us in Texas and in New Zealand. We welcome their help. They will be a new, major addition to Ministry Of Helps, and plan to help our family in a vast number of practical ways, ranging from administration and logistics, to library cataloging, writing and editing, house and property maintenance, etc. If you have an inclination to help them help us, please get in touch with them via 

Thanks again to everyone that has helped and prayed for us during this time. We are all in God's hands; with Winkie not out of the proverbial woods yet, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

Kind regards,

Winkie, Fae, and William Pratney

In closing from Winkie:

When I first got saved I wrote a poem to be published in our annual school magazine. I read that poem again now some 55 years later. It is still as true now as it was long ago.

THE YEAR OF THE MAN (I Cor. 13:11)

This is the year of the Man... 
High and bright His vision calls 
Burning and singing in the wild wide sky 
The child must lie and the man stand tall 

I must have dreams. This is no world
For little hearts and narrow view
And dreams will live - I have His promise
Though it cost the child to be one of few.

I grip His hand. He walks with me
And together we set our sight to the star
Will YOU walk too? is your heart free
To lift the tear-filled eyes to follow far?

This IS the year of the man. There is no second choice.
To each must come the time to grow and go with God
And hold His highest. Or turn back, timid
And weeping, watch the past plowed, drying sod.

Candle or star? The choice is ours
The life is ours to spend it as we will
Though bought with blood. He never ties our hands
He only waits and whispers "Heart be still”. 

For hearts can burst away the bonds and bars
Stretch strong arms out and thrust aside the beams
Or clasp a counterfeit - spade clay in safe, small fields
And let the clods sick fall on buried dreams.

This is the Year of the Man.
There is no time for secondary things and small
The pillar of fire is moving on
The child must lie and the man stand tall.