What do you do???

By Winkie Pratney...
     You ask me what I do? 

I am a fully-fledged, authorized representative and life-time member of the largest and most wide-spread global company on Earth. 
Our mission statement is to plant our Founders benefit, vision and values in every city, nation, continent and people-group in every tongue and language on the planet. 
Who and what we bring to help the nations has always proved the most needed and pre-eminently significant contribution to its people. Time after time it demonstrates the power to bring the highest benefit and value to the welfare and worth of every culture and country it touches. 
To accomplish this massive and costly task, our representatives work in every level of culture and society. We are active in multiple levels in the arts and sciences, economics, education, entertainment, military, media, communications, law, ethics, health-care, conservation, welfare and local and civil government. We count among our far-flung number farmers and futurists, doctors and dressmakers, poets and politicians, scientists, scholars, singers, scribes, sages and seers. 
Though our reps are under commission to go where many either cannot or will not go to some of the most needy nations and dangerous areas on earth, we are in training for ready response to matters of both immediate and long-term concern in both national and international emergency. We put teams everywhere where the need is greatest. 

These missions of mercy have generated more press and public involvement in both response and reaction than any other venture in history. We have many supporters and more than our fair share of detractors. Those in our ranks come from all walks of life, from the poorest of the poor to kings, queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents. We are old and young, students and teachers, educated and illiterate, ex-prisoners and corporate heads. There are no stereotypes or typicals in our teams. Everyone is uniquely gifted but all in our various missions are united around our common calling. 

Our global time-honored company has printed and distributed more inspirational, educational and recruitment materials than any other in publishing history. More musicians, singers, writers and composers have dealt with the central themes of our work in honor of the Founder than of any other person or project in history. Such compositions and concerts comprise so many grateful and gifted men and women that one recent compilation by TIME-LIFE America alone became the best-selling release out of all its collection of legendary singers, songs and song-writers. 

Our basic training-manual is still the best-selling book of all time. In the last decade we released the most-watched movie on the planet (still circulating) and the best-selling foreign language film in all movie history. 
Though our company had an extremely small beginning and our Founder the most humble of origins, it is now by far the largest international body on earth. Though our task is still far from complete and we are often misunderstood and misrepresented even by those we seek to serve, we all count it individually an honor to be able to contribute to the completion of what we believe is the world’s most significant task and that it may be accomplished in our own time. 
Some chosen to represent this work and its leadership have already spoken publicly both in person and via global media to the largest audiences of all time and still continue to do so to this day. 
In conclusion, I am proud and honored to represent both who and to what I have given my life, my time, my talents and future service. I believe there is no greater cause and no greater calling. 
You ask me what I do? 
I am a follower of Jesus Christ. 
I am a missionary.

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