God is a Rancher

God is a Rancher

As we were editing SV, we talked with Winkie about this vocation as being different than but bearing similarity to God as the Gardener or Farmer. Some important passages would include those passages mentioning "God owning the cattle on a thousand hills." or "The Lord is my Shepherd..." etc.

I was thinking about this section while at work one day as well as some things that Ruth and I talked about as we were reading. This section easily applies to the occupations of Rancher, Animal Husbandry (as well as perhaps Child-care worker.) When we had our farm back in Texas, having raised along with our children ... cows, sheep, chickens, geese and the requisite cats and dogs, it was a place of life and death, a place of self-sacrifice, selflessness and learning of giving of one's self to others. God used it as a place of preparation for serving in the position of a bush pastor and it helped shape the lives of our children as well. (Ps 104:14)


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