"A Pig in a Sty" or "The Murderer vs. the Head-Hunter"

We cannot just TEACH man to be good. Today’s highly educated generation are only smarter sinners. The city killer is no less evil than the jungle head-hunter. Both have selfish hearts, expressed in more or less educated ways. Our conscience needs to be cleared and reawakened; we need forgiveness and cleansing from our past; we need a force inside of us to guard our hearts and minds as a block to future wrong. We need power to live above ourselves and not be a slave to selfishness. God, by the Holy Spirit, can do this. He can point out what man without God cannot see — the “exceeding sinfulness of sin” (Romans 7:13). A pig in a sty cannot tell what a “clean” home is like. It has a wrong idea of “clean” in the mud. Only God can show us both our wrong and conquer it. He wins our rebel hearts by His great love, then takes up His own home in our lives by His Holy Spirit (Revelation 3:20; Ephesians 3:17).

~Winkie Pratney
     Youth Aflame 2.0

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