Do I have your attention NOW?

"Venus and Uranus not only rotate in the opposite direction from all the other planets in our solar system, but about one-third of the moons in our planetary system go 'backwards.' Quirks like this drive scientists crazy.... it's hard to think of some 'accident' big enough to wholly reverse a moon's orbit without shattering it, let alone the spin direction of a whole planet.

Perhaps exceptions to the general rule like this are God's way of saying, 'Now do I have your attention?' "

~Winkie Pratney
     Healing the Land


  • Mary Brock

    Mary Brock Lindale, Texas

    I am loving these posts.

    I am loving these posts.

  • Dwight Martin

    Dwight Martin Burleson TX

    Me, too, Mary. Thanks for these

    Me, too, Mary. Thanks for these

  • Winkie Pratney

    Winkie Pratney

    Thanks for the encouragement. ~Ross

    Thanks for the encouragement.

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