Flaws in the "Good Deeds" Philosophy.

There are serious flaws in the good deeds philosophy mentioned under Humanism. Jesus taught a life of good works not FOR salvation, but as a natural result of His own inner transformation of our hearts. True Christians do good flowing from the love that is a consecration to the highest good of God and His Universe, in glad service for their Heavenly Father John 9:4-5). Jesus too, was moved with compassion by human need. But He did not come merely to start relief programs. He had the ability to supply food for others. He fed multitudes, BUT always did these miracles within a limit of spiritual response. He wanted to meet the needs of the whole man. In fact, He distrusted those who followed Him for the supply of physical need alone (John 6:26).

~Winkie Pratney 
     Youth Aflame 2.0

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