Grace-ful Pride

We can preach on the pride of race, face and place; but the most deceitful is the pride of  "grace." ...One such form trades on the goodness of God. It involves "reminding" Him of how much you have done for Him in the past. You suggest to your conscience that since you have accomplished some great things for God, you are entitled to a small moral holiday. This is not funny. God is not going to overlook any kind of sin, no matter how much you have done. (Ezekiel 18:24; Philippians 3:5-8) Too often  His children fall RIGHT AFTER they have done some really significant work for Him. Grace cannot be "stored" so you can "sin a little" on your reputation. The higher you get to God in the eyes of men, the more carefully you must guard your life because He will judge you more severely as a leader for failure than someone else with less light. (James 3:1)

~Winkie Pratneyangel 
     Youth Aflame (p173)

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