"Nobody Understands Me?" (part 4-5)

3. CRAZE FOR SPIRITUALITY -- "Nobody really understands me and God."

Some people seem to try too hard to be Christians. They appear intent on being "super-holy," wanting to do everything "spiritual" or acting as God's judge of the sins of the world.

Yet those who know them, "smell a rat." Their zeal doesn't ring true. The fruit of the Spirit is strangely absent. Wrapped up in themselves, their over-spirituality is a shell covering a desperate need of being accepted.

It can often begin from personal deficiency by birth or accident. It need not hinder their spiritual life, but THEY think it must. Such needy ones blame their parents or God for what has happened. But NEITHER should be accused. (John 9:1-3). God can allow such things for a demonstration of His power and glory in weakness. If it is a God-allowed "infirmity" it must be accepted. (2 Corinthians 12:7-9).

~Winkie Pratney
     Youth Aflame (p177)

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