"Taking Off the Mask - (part 2-5)

"Taking off the mask" is rather frightening and a little bit painful. But when  we learn to do this TOGETHER before God, we take a giant step to family unity as children  of God. Immense personal problems grow out of this root -- failing to believe that I AM WHAT I AM. Check out your own life for this:

1. CROWD FEAR -- "Nobody wants me; nobody likes me; nobody accepts me."

Afraid of meeting others? Self-consciousness is pride. The less you think about what others think of YOU, the more power and freedom you will have in your Christian life as you walk before the eyes of the Lord. If you are like this, you have not accepted yourself for the way God made you. (Psalms 56:4).

Winkie Pratney
     (Youth Aflame p176)

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