... to be saved, is to be lost!

An Eastern view of the world, although it doesn't confront wrong, does provide a good answer for the unity and harmony we see all around us. It says, "yes, we all are really one ---you, me, the sky, the sea, the flea and the redwood tree." 

Just as the water of the ocean is the same stuff as an individual drop separated from it, God is, according to this world view, the whole of reality. His "stuff" is essentially the same as your "stuff.".... Your problem, according to the East, is that you think you are somehow distinct from the rest of creation. The way to solve that problem in Eastern thought is to lose your sense of individuality. ... Salvation consists in regaining that profound unity by understanding --- by the conquest of illusion. .... You lose yourself in the whole. That, to the East is salvation. To be saved is to be individually lost! This is "Nirvana" --- not the rock group, but Eastern heaven. Nothingness
(This is part 3 of a series that began with "A Supernatural View of Ecology")

~Winkie Pratney 
     Healing the Land, a Supernatural View of Ecology (p49)

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